A new beginning

Like most bears, Farmer Bear and Little Bear stay inside and sleep a lot in the winter, but with the spring thaw it will soon be time to get to work. Right now Farmer Bear is probably thinking about how many melons and carrots to plant, while Little Bear is wondering how tall his sunflowers […]

I have a plant buying problem

With a new house I’ve been doing a lot of work in the yard this year, and that means a lot of trips to the hardware stores to hit up the garden center. Vegetable gardening has always been my main interest, besides a weakness for sunflowers. But now that I have a yard I’m finding […]

Flowers by the stable

I write a lot about gardening because I love helping things grow. There’s just a great feeling I get when everything is green and new life is sprouting, flowers are growing and the bees are buzzing everywhere again. Vegetables, flowers, bushes, it doesn’t matter – I like to see life thriving. That’s why I wrote […]

Grandpa Casey’s Garden

When I think of my Grandpa Casey, the first thing that always comes to mind was his garden. He had the biggest garden I’ve ever seen — any bigger and you’d have to call it a farm. He kept this huge garden going well into his 80s. And talk about a green thumb — everything […]

The Origin of the Story

I grew up around gardening and I never thought much about it. In my world, it was natural for your parents to be planting flowers and bushes, and working in the garden. My mom had flower beds everywhere and she was always trying new things, pruning plants, pulling out weeds, planning how to improve it […]

Seeds for Sale

Today I had to go to the hardware store to get a lightbulb, and as I was walking toward the checkout I noticed a display of garden seeds. While it is 30 degrees outside with a few inches of snow on the ground here in suburban Chicago, seeing those seeds for sale for the first […]