Reviews and Awards

Farmer Bear’s Garden has received some great reviews and recognition, which is really rewarding to see as an author. I love to see pictures of parents reading the book with their children or telling me it inspired their child or grandchild to start growing a garden or take up an interest in planting seeds.

In September 2020 the book was included on the list of the “Best Gardening-Themed Books for Children” from the site Gardener’s Path. Read the article here.

In addition, below are excerpts from a few reviews the book has received on

“With zoom classes now, it is so hard to capture the attention of 10-15 toddlers, but let me tell you – they loved this book! They were all mesmerized by the story, especially because it had animals. All of the parents hearing the story asked me about it too because they loved the message so much – Kindness! When I told my students it was time to go, some of them said – No! They wanted to hear the story again. So great, thanks for the read!” – Jessica S.

“Loved this book. Farmer Bear arrived today and we read this to my daughter tonight at bed time. She loved the story and wanted to know all about the animal friends, and exploring all the pictures. I loved the easy pace and lesson about sharing with our neighbors and friends without expectation of recompense. Very timely.” – N.T.

“A wonderful story that highlights sharing and giving without expecting anything in return. It’s the perfect way to teach these valuable lessons from a young age. Great for kids of all ages, and makes for a beautiful read just before bedtime.” – A.G.

“I bought this book for my daughter for Easter, and it’s such a sweet story. It outlines the importance of sharing what you have with others, especially those who need it, and not expecting anything in return. What a timely and important message for children! The illustrations are charming as well. It’s a wonderful springtime book to add to your child’s library. We love it!” – Ryan H.