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Farmer Bear’s Garden Turns 1

Happy birthday to Farmer Bear’s Garden! That’s right, one year ago on March 8 the book went out into the world. What an interesting year it’s been! Around October of 2019 I was working with my illustrator to get the art done for the book, which is the most time-intensive part of the publishing process. […]

A new beginning

Like most bears, Farmer Bear and Little Bear stay inside and sleep a lot in the winter, but with the spring thaw it will soon be time to get to work. Right now Farmer Bear is probably thinking about how many melons and carrots to plant, while Little Bear is wondering how tall his sunflowers […]

It’s hard to say goodbye

When I was writing Farmer Bear’s Garden I tried to be as realistic as possible about growing a garden, but certain liberties had to be taken. You have a young audience, a limited word count and you want to tell the most interesting story possible. That’s why in the book, the bears harvest their whole […]

Farmer Bear’s Garden named to best books list

I was excited to learn on Monday that Farmer Bear’s Garden has been named to the Best Gardening Books for Children list from Gardener’s Path. I had known for a few weeks that I was under consideration and am very pleased with the recognition. Read the full article here.

Here comes the sun (flowers)

When I first started growing a garden, it was all business — vegetables. I wanted to grow the things I loved to eat or that I knew other people liked that I could give away. But there was one exception — sunflowers. I’m someone who wants to plant everything, but there is never enough room […]

What makes it all worthwhile

I’ve posted a lot about my struggles with both landscaping and gardening this year, so it can seem like it’s always a disaster. Indeed, some days it seems like it’s all too much trouble and you wonder why you even bother. But that mood always passes because I like growing things, and when it works […]

I have a plant buying problem

With a new house I’ve been doing a lot of work in the yard this year, and that means a lot of trips to the hardware stores to hit up the garden center. Vegetable gardening has always been my main interest, besides a weakness for sunflowers. But now that I have a yard I’m finding […]

Cold, rain, frustration – but signs of hope too

It’s been a frustrating few weeks when it comes to gardening/working in the yard. For a little while at the beginning of May it looked like the weather had turned the corner, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s and the long-term forecast looking good. Even though I know the weather is prone to change, […]

It’s spring – now get to work.

My favorite type of gardening is growing vegetables and some flowers, but in the last year we bought a house, so now taking care of the yard is also a priority. In the first year, I focused on making the lawn look better – filling in spots where there was no grass, trying to get […]

Stuck at home? Plant some seeds.

It’s been about a month since I released Farmer Bear’s Garden. When I revealed the book to the world in early March, I had a lot of ideas about how to get the word out. I was going to get libraries to carry the book. I wanted to check with local bookstores and see how […]