I have a plant buying problem

My latest impulse buys. They’re pretty, but where am I going to put them?

With a new house I’ve been doing a lot of work in the yard this year, and that means a lot of trips to the hardware stores to hit up the garden center.

Vegetable gardening has always been my main interest, besides a weakness for sunflowers. But now that I have a yard I’m finding myself drawn to flowers. What can I say? I like pretty things.

We take a lot of walks, and as we do I like to look at the landscaping in the neighborhood. Almost all the neighbors have nice yards, and you see so many different flowers and bushes. It’s interesting as the season progresses to see how suddenly one type of flower is everywhere, followed by another one a week or two later. First it was daffodils and tulips. Then it was peonies. Then irises. Now the lilies are starting to open, though they are by no means the only flower I see.

When you see all these pretty flowers in everyone else’s yard, you can’t help but want to join the party. Our front yard is all bushes right now with no place for flowers, but the backyard is a little more open. The big problem is that so many of the prettiest flowers need full sun and our yard tends to be on the shady side. What this means is space for all these full sun-loving flowers is at a premium.

Earlier in the year I was mostly focused with filling in the empty spaces, so I planted a lot of flower seed packets and bought a few other plants to fill them in. I also planted vegetables in the bed area because I didn’t have another spot for them. So basically there isn’t any room. Also, the flowers I planted from seed are taking forever to grow, so the yard lacks the prettiness that I envisioned.

However, getting back to all those visits to the hardware stores, just because I don’t have anywhere to put things hasn’t stopped me from buying them. I just can’t help myself. They’re right there by the entrance and it’s hard to walk by without looking. Before I know it I have a cart full of plants I don’t really know anything about and often no good idea where they’re going to go.

This was the case this week. I’ve always liked lilies, and when I was at Home Depot to get a sprinkler I saw some lilies that were just opening up with really pretty yellow, orange and red flowers. Only $7! And they’re perennial so they’ll come back year after year. How could I resist? And I saw foxglove and thought how nice those would look, possibly attracting hummingbirds to the yard and providing some color. So before you know it I have my car full of plants. I got home and looked around and realized I really might have gone too far this time. I have these really beautiful flowers and nowhere to put them. I’m sure I’ll find a spot, but really, I have a problem.

Anyone have the number for Gardeners Anonymous?

One thought on “I have a plant buying problem

  1. You are definitely your mother’s son!! I have that same sickness, or is it a disease? I told your dad I wasn’t buying any more perennials but just like you I can’t resist!! Even though you can’t find a spot, you WILL find a spot, believe me. The great thing is with perennials you can move them next year if you have to. Foxglove is one of my favorites but I can’t grow it here. I wish I was there to help you find spots for all those beauties. I know between the two of us we would come up with some great ideas! So happy to see you have a love for growing things. I hope you pass this on.

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