Farmer Bear’s Garden

“Come along, Little Bear! It’s time to plant the garden!”

Thus begins Farmer Bear’s Garden, the heartwarming tale of a father bear and his son spending the summer growing a garden together. Along the way, Little Bear learns how to work hard, take care of plants and how his hard work pays off when all those yummy vegetables are ready to pick. But then he learns an even more important lesson about the joy of giving as the two bears share what they’ve grown with their grateful neighbors. 

Farmer Bear’s Garden is a celebration of the father/son relationship, friendship, spending time outdoors and living in harmony with the natural world.

A perfect read for any child interested in growing things or helping Mommy and Daddy in the garden, this book will also appeal to parents trying to teach their children old-fashioned values about sharing and being a good neighbor. 

Farmer Bear’s Garden was written by Chris Magee and illustrated by Lezlee Ware. It is now available in hardcover, paperback and eBook on Amazon. Click here to buy!

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Farmer Bear’s Garden was recently included on the “Best Gardening-Themed Books for Children” list from Gardener’s Path. You can read the full article here.